"The Need for Swimming Pool Fencing"
According to government statistics, drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under the age of 5.  
We recommend installing a child proof safety fence around the pool, properly installed by a trained professional, a child proof fence around a pool has proven to be the best way to protect your child. We also recommend that you teach your child about water safety and prevent them from doing things around the pool that can cause them harm. Swimming lessons and the teaching of a few basic “pool rules” will make the experience of owning a pool, a source of fun, relaxation and fitness.  
As a backup to the pool fence you may want to install some pool alarms on all the access points leading into the pool area. Pool alarms can be installed on all the windows and doors leading into the pool area. These can be purchased at The Home Depot or Lowes. Or a pool professional can come to your home and install them for you.
There is no substitute for vigilance when it comes to child safety. Never leave a child
alone in the pool area even if you have a pool barrier installed.

Below you will find a 7 part series about pool safety, a public service announcement and a very informative video about swimming pool entrapment and the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.  We "highly" recommend them.
The Virginia Graeme Baker Act
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